"With customer shopping habits changing we had to change as a business to be able to manage the multi-channel environments where our customers are shopping in and needed to revamp our eCommerce site. We were looking for a supplier who could take our eCommerce solution to a new level. Vaimo as a supplier stood out because of their vast experience and extensive expertise in eCommerce, omni-channel and in business processes in general"

Simon Collins

Ecommerce Manager at Pavers

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The Challenge

Pavers required a complete new redesigned user experience for their different customer personas and the new platform had to address Pavers multi-channel requirements. The new website had to be a balance between something that’s feature rich, yet easily understood to provide the best possible user journey even for a visitor who’s not necessarily used to purchasing online. To appeal to a more modern shopper, the site also needed to cater for visitors from mobile visitors. From the platform flexibility side, Magento was to play a significant role in helping the Pavers staff overcome the previous site’s insufficiencies like problems with implementing new delivery options or making changes to the website.

The Solution

The new site has a clear and minimalistic design that still embodies many complex features. For the back end, Vaimo integrated Magento with Pavers ERP system. By extending and adding new API’s to Magento’s already rich set of touch points for information flows, Vaimo helped to create a seamless work process between customer service, finance, development department and warehouse. The Magento platform has given Pavers the flexibility they need to grow and also a vast array of features. They have been able to take a complete control of their user experience on the site and can easily manage their own content, landing pages and campaigns.


  • Store Locator
  • Stock Availability Per Store
  • Deliver to Store
  • Custom Checkout
  • SOLR Search
  • Responsive Design
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