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We help companies all over the world reach eCommerce success on the Magento platform. As the world’s leading Magento provider, we’ve delivered tailored eCommerce solutions to more than 400 brands and merchants.

We’re proud to be certified Magento experts, offering end-to-end solutions trusted by our clients. Our internal team consists of over 350 specialists in offices across 10 countries

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Vaimo was founded in 2008 on values like quality, speed and excellence through which we have become one of the world’s most appreciated experts in eCommerce on the Magento platform. By creating online stores that attract visitors and turn them into customers, we have helped more than 400 merchants reach higher revenues and build stronger brands.

Vaimo’s Leadership

Vaimo brings together skilled, creative, passionate people from all over the world. Vaimoers are active and competitive go-getters who are truly dedicated to give their very best and are therefore good at what they do.

Magento Solution Partner

Vaimo is Magentos first Global Elite Solution Partner in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s a great honour for us and proof of our success  integrating clients’ businesses in a strong, trustworthy, and flexible process which places them in the frontlines regarding profitability and customer experience.

Awards and acknowledgements

We continually strive to remain the world’s leading Magento supplier and measure success based on that of our clients, although being descibed as number one by experts, critics and partners is always an encouragement.

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a World-leading ecommerce supplier

Vaimo helps clients all over the world achieve eCommerce success. We have positioned ourselves as one of the top Magento solutions providers by having helped more than 400 B2C and B2B online store owners to move their online business forward without compromise.