• Understanding current trends and customer expectations around product personalisation

       -   Who is looking for it
       -   What are they looking for
       -   How are they looking for it

  • Experience what it takes to allow your customers to easily personalise and purchase your products online. In this case on a Magento site.

       -   Examples of different personalisations and tools
       -   Production of the digital files of the personalisable products
       -   User interface for real time personalisation of a photo-realistic 3D object.

  • Learning about the manufacturing processes

       -   3D printing and other production techniques

  • How to promote your personalisable products online

       -   Ideas for a digital marketing campaign

Brought to you by following companies

  • Insights and trends regarding online product personalisation. Demo of customisation of product by a user. Demo of the creation of the 3D personalisable file and user interface creation.

Understanding your international market opportunities. Building a strategic digital marketing campaign to support your personalisable product offering.

  • What's needed to develop a successful site specifically for personalised products. Embedding the discussed technologies on Magento. Demo of custom built personalisation tools for Magento

Why you should attend

  • Touch to believe

    Digital Forming will bring examples of personalised items created using a variety of different production techniques.

  • Real life examples

    Our client Osprey London has agreed to let us create a 3D model of one of their handbags and create a full personalisation experience around that, to allow people to compare the 3D model with the final product.

  • Challenges and opportunities

    Our client Jack Daniel's will be talking about their experience with product personalisation.

Open discussion

This event is going to be very similar to a round table, so all attendees will be able to ask questions and discuss approached, ideas and more.

The icing on the cake

  • Welcome drinks and canapes
    Networking area
    Get a chance to receive your very own personalised item at home


17:30 - Registration and welcome drinks

18:00 - Vaimo: Overview

18:10 - Digital Forming: The world of product personalisation

18:30 - Vaimo: Custom built sofa personaliser for The Lounge Co

19:45 - Jack Daniel's: Laser engraved bottles - challenges and results

19:00 - Coffee break

19:15 - Digital Forming: Live photo-realistic 3D rendering of a personalisable items on Magento (featuring Osprey London products)

19:30 - Digital Forming: Production of 3D personalisable files and interface creation

19:45 - Oban Digital: Digital Marketing strategy for personalisable products

20:15 - Coffee break

20:30 - Q&A and open discussion

21:00 - Networking with drinks and canapes

22:00 - Time for a good night of sleep

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