What we offer

Strategy, design, and technology for increased sales across all channels

Vaimo helps brands, merchants, and manufacturers all over the world increase and develop sales with the help of strategy, design, and software.

We work in all areas which directly and indirectly drive sales. The core of our offer is our platform, working as a motor for all the digital touchpoints that together create omnichannel – a seamless shopping experience no matter where, when, and how the customer chooses to shop.

Our services do it all

We are more than just a solution provider for your online store. We aim to be your guide and advisor in online business. In addition to offering strategy, design, development, and cloud services for your web shop, we strive to help your online business succeed.

eCommerce strategy

 Our approach is data-driven, reliant on analysis and execution, and helps clients nurture their businesses and make smart decisions based on specific goals and KPI’s. We help you understand the road to conversion and outline the strategy for a successful eCommerce business.


After defining your eCommerce objectives with our strategy team, we commence our design process which follows five stages – information architecture, interaction design, visual design, solution design, & prototyping.

Analysis & Optimisation

With website optimisation Vaimo focuses on driving growth with a data- and test-driven approach. By using systematic techniques and processes that we’re able to duplicate, we discover what really matters through research and testing.

Web development

From a technical point of view, our development approach derives from the continuous integration (CI) concept and focuses on automation. This allows our developers to automate mundane tasks and ensures that error prone actions are executed in a controlled manner. We also follow the Continuous Delivery (CD) concept for software delivery, which is increasingly becoming best practice for web application development and is already used by major players such as Google, Netflix and Etsy.

Mobile framework

Make sure your site keeps up with the mobile revolution.

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Omnichannel development

A consistent and seamless customer experience across all key touch points

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Customer support

Our Magento certified team of support specialists are there for you during all pre-agreed support hours. Vaimo offers support in different languages and in different time zones.


We offer managed services tailored to your needs. There are many services that continue to be of importance even after the launch of your new e-commerce site such as hosting, support, and maintenance.


We offer a full range hosting built by us to work with Magento. Our hosting platform uses easy-key technology which is run on bare-metal servers to optimise performance. Complete automation means faster installation, shorter lead times, and fewer errors.

Our areas of expertise

We offer all you need in order to achieve the full potential of your eCommerce site.

E-commerce B2C

Let the world’s leading eCommerce platform you and your customers exactly what it’s made of.

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E-commerce B2B

Develop and deliver Magento B2B-solutions to evolve your site into a B2B/wholesale business.

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Order Management System

Coordinate all your customers across all your channels.

Product Information Management

Manage information for listings to market and sell your products across all your channels.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) helps you to make smarter decisions, faster. With Magento BI you can analyse your top customers, products, and promotions to find new growth opportunities.

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Our team has extensive international experience delivering solutions for mobile commerce, omnichannel, and B2B & B2C e-commerce for companies around the world. Our strength lies in our ability to make sure your company delivers not only not technically but also strategically. To achieve this, we offer advisory and maintenance sessions both before and after site launch.

Our products

In eCommerce,  time to market is key and reinventing the wheel for each of our projects is counterproductive. This is why we offer the benefits of our extensive work in eCommerce to our clients in a simple and effective Engines, Frameworks, and Modules.


We will generally recommend a package deal for your eCommerce solution to set a starting point for you and our team. This lets us best plan and design the website you have in mind.


We have developed a group of proprietary frameworks to improve Magento’s functionality and performance. Having taken Magento to a completely different level with these frameworks, we helo our clients gain competitive advantage.


Every new feature we develop is built as a module with the intention of making it generic and reusable. We have more than 500 custom made Vaimo modules in our library.

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Vaimo helps clients all over the world achieve eCommerce success. We have positioned ourselves as one of the top Magento solutions providers by having helped more than 400 B2C and B2B online store owners to move their online business forward without compromise.