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We provide sophisticated B2B solutions for Ecommerce

Vaimo takes Magentos B2B-features and add-ons to the next level to be able to deliver a worldclass omnichannel experience.

To succeed with B2B e-commerce it is essential to create a buying model that resembles one in a B2C environment, both in terms of self service functionality and omnichannel capabilities. Vaimo, Magento Global Elite Solution Partner, have helped B2B merchants by offering managed services on Magento both prior to and after launch. Thanks to our strong background in ERP, Vaimo boasts extensive knowledge in areas of manufacturing, system delivery, warehouse and stock system as well as complex pricing rules.

Vaimo’s primary goal is to not only grant client success in monetary value but to also streamline the workflow to allow the client to focus on the most vital aspects of their B2B company and to reach their full business potential.

As a global company with a presence in more than 160 countries, we were looking for experienced and strategic partners that can help us grow our ecommerce presence globally. The industry leading capabilities of Vaimo and the Magento platform were clear choices, and they helped us launch into first three markets within the span of 14 months.

Martin Hjelm
Global eCommerce Director at Brown-Forman

B2B functionality at its best

Magento B2B

Magento supports complex B2B buying and selling and empowers you to drive more sales by maintaining your B2B eCommerce from a single platform. Magento easily supports several languages, currencies, tax and VAT rules so you can easily maintain buyer accounts across the world.


Vaimo offers customisation of all features of the order flow, from personalised promotions, and subsets of custom catalogs per customer account, to personalised marketing materials, and much more.

B2C Functionality

Vaimo leverages Magento’s core strengths within B2C features and applies them to the B2B user experience with features like cross-sell, up-sell, filtering, and refined search.

Flexible payments

Allow your buyers to quickly place orders by typing in SKU’s on our Quick Order Entry Pads and pay even faster with our Multiple Payment Options feature.


Allow your buyers the option and flexibility to place customised RFQs, manage their account details, order details, invoices, shopping lists, etc.

some of our B2B clients

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