The mobile era

Attract and convert customers on the go

Mobile devices are no longer just a trend – it has become a given.

Why consider mobile commerce?

Consumers today seamlessly switch between devices throughout the day, wheather it’s between phones, tablets, or laptops. Merchants have to offer smooth experiences with all devices and in most cases the choice is based on the setting. The device the consumers chooses to use to interract with your brand, depends on time, goals, whereabouts, and the mood of the consumer.

To take on a strategy for mobile devices

The best thing to start off with is to look at how your consumers interact with your website. By analysing mobile traffic on the site, you can get an understanding of where the visitors come from, how long they stay on the site, what devices they use the most and other useful information which can be extracted from Google Analytics.


of purchases in all channels are touched by digital


of all eCommerce traffic is from a mobile device


of Vaimo's clients have a mobile strategy


of all activities online occur on a mobile device

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BAUHAUS wanted a stable and responsive eCommerce platform for their website that would allow them to customise everything and provide first class integration capabilities for their stock management payments. Vaimo created an online trade environment that suits B2C and B2B, providing them with virtual tools that allow the customer to shop with ease, locate the nearest retailer, order installations, and even arrange special deliveries.

Proactiv +

Proactiv+ webshop had been built on hard-coded, completely inflexible templates that drastically affected the stability of the shop. They wanted to switch to a responsive-first design to cater to a heavily mobile-driven target group to enhance the customer experience and make the shop easier to update internally. Vaimo’s solution did all that and more.


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