A consistent and seamless customer experience across all key touch points

Omnichannel means to offer a consistent and seamless customer experience throughout all aspects of purchase online, in physical stores, as well as throughout the entire business with staff.

Why Consider OMNICHANNEL solutions?

Merchants must expand their omnichannel capabilities to ensure that in-store and online services are fully integrated and deliver updated information about the products through multiple channels at the pace the consumer demands. Omnichannel isn’t just about technology, it requires your business operations to work seamlessly together for the benefit and convenience of your customer.

Omnichannel features

Store locator, store inventory lookup, click & collect, are all services made possible through omnichannel solutions and help integrate the brick and mortar experience with digital solutions. Merging digital features with in store personal services improves the shopping experience for both customers as well as efficiency in inventory for the business.

Store Staff Interface

The store staff can be equipped with iPads and have a special login to the company’s site where they are provided then with a custom shop staff interface. The main purpose of the staff interface is to empower staff in providing customer service and drive sales. The general user interface (UI) is kept as close to the end customer UI as possible as the idea is to give all users access to mostly the same tools for interactions like search, browse, add to cart, save for later, compare etc. The staff-specific features are subtly integrated to the general UI and give shop staff access to a set of features that are described below:
  • Staff login with individual tracking of online sales and other activity from within store
  • Optimised interface for portrait view tablet use
  • Pay in store for order placed on store tablet
  • Create customer account, cart and wish list for post visit use


Click & Collect

Customer can choose to have their order delivered to a store, with the possibility to return or exchange goods before completing the order.

Store inventory lookup

Both shop staff and end customers can check the stock inventory levels on a product in any of your physical stores. End customers are getting indicative levels, but shop staff see the exact item count for each product.

Store locator

Vaimo has developed a store locator framework including example features like the integration to Google Maps with search and filtering possibilities, dynamic store details with opening hours and with an option to find directions and Geo IP lookup with automatic suggestions for the local web shop.

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BAUHAUS wanted a stable and responsive eCommerce platform for their website that would allow them to customise everything and provide first class integration capabilities for their stock management solution and payment options.

Proactiv +

The Proactiv+ webshop was built on hard-coded completely inflexible templates that drastically affected the stability of the shop. They wanted to switch to a responsive-driven design to cater to a heavily mobile-driven target group, to enhance the customer experience and make the shop easier to update internally.

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