PIM for Success

Provide more consistent product information to your customers

Vaimo helps you keep your product information up-to-date across all channels to boost efficiency

What is PIM?

Gather all your product information in one single place, enrich it and publish it across different channels.

Single source of truth

Store all your product information in one single place and use it across different platforms, mobile applications, POS etc.


Automatic distribution

Enter data about products only once in your PIM solution and it gets distributed to all your other systems


Good Integration

Good integration of PIM to your eCommerce platform means you can free up resources for your eCommerce platform

Rich Product Data 

PIM provides great value if you are an omni-channel retailer and need to store different data like sizes, colours, technical details etc.



Automatically collect information about the products from various sources/locations into your PIM solution


Edit and manage all your product information from the PIM interface (product numbers, catalogues, SKU data, images, videos, translations, localisations documentations etc)


Spread the product data to your different channels like eCommerce website, mobile apps, point of sale etc)

Evaluate your company’s need for PIM

Platform Independent

Vaimo’s take on Product Information Management is a platform agnostic approach where we help you define the requirements on Product Information Management and then select the best-suited platform with support during all the steps of the implementation.

Depending on your needs, preferences and budget we provide you with the best PIM solution on the market- whether on inRiver Product Marketing Cloud or open source Akeneo platform.


  • Various ERP Systems
  • Amazon
  • GS1
  • InDesign
  • Zalando

Vaimo clients who are using PIM solutions

Björn Borg
Jack Daniels U.K
Björn Borg
Jack Daniels U.K
Björn Borg
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